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Music Export Lithuania introduces the series of promotional releases – genre-specific CD and DVD compilations, designed to bring more Lithuanian artists to the attention of the international music industry. The first two releases (out of five planned in total) introduce Lithuanian pop/rock acts as well as the growing electronic music scene in Lithuania (producers and live acts).

The Electronica CD presents the Lithuanian club music scene, from house and trance to electro funk and acid jazz, from lounge to idm, triphop and darkwave. According to the compilers of the CD, club music crowd in Lithuania is becoming more demanding, “but still has that evergreen enthusiastic drive for the vibe, which makes the nights in the Baltics so special [...] Today a good dozen of artists have released their works on respected labels, whereas the netlabels continue to promote the genuine local talents.” Among the artists presented on the CD are the most current and hot Lithuanian acts - Milky Lasers, Dumaz, Brassbastardz feat. Giedrė, Dublicate, Fusedmarc, Nesakyk Mamai, Bango Collective, Golden Parazyth, IJO, RyRalio DJs, Santi Touch, Virus J, Andy Lau, and Mookid.

The Pop / Rock CD in the Note Lithuania series showcases the crème de la crème combo of Lithuanian music stars – LT United; the “break-through story of the year” – Gravel; the representatives of Šiauliai, a city in North Lithuania dubbed “Lithuanian Manchester” for its lively indie music scene – the bands Axis and Brainers; a household name in Lithuania – Andrius Mamontovas; Lithuania’s biggest funk act – Saulės kliošas; the most wanted live acts on the Lithuanian scene – InCulto and Skamp; Lithuanian representers of r’n’b and soul – Linas & Simona; and one man orchestra – Hokshila. Also included are Amberlife, N.E.O., Augustė, Violeta Riaubiškytė, Slapjack, and Sel.

According to journalist Ramūnas Zilnys, “Lithuania’s main contribution to rock encyclopedias so far has been the fact that one can find a monument to Frank Zappa in its capital city of Vilnius. [...] However, as this compilation hopefully shows, what the musicians of this small Baltic country lack in practical means, they make up for with their creative ideas, enthusiasm and ambition.”

Three more CDs/DVDs, dedicated to Lithuanian jazz, authentic and modern folk, as well as contemporary classical music, should be released this spring.

If you are professionally involved with music, please write to for your copy of the promotional releases.

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