No. 14 | April–September 2007

Keeping in line with its determination to delve into various vibrant and innovative non-academic music scenes in addition to the new music written by Lithuanian composers, the fresh issue of Lithuanian Music Link pays homage to Lithuanian jazz. Or, rather, its metamorphoses, since contemporary jazz music seems to take on many unexpected hybrid forms that all share the free spirit of jazz. The theme article of the 14th issue goes through these permutations, ranging from jazz-based interdisciplinary performances to ethno-jazz. Jazz in the broadest sense is also the subject of another text – an interview with Vladimir Tarasov, one of the still highly prolific “founding fathers” of the Lithuanian contemporary jazz scene.

Another look at an interesting and standard-breaking music scene is presented in the article on projects fusing archaic Lithuanian folk with contemporary electronica and world music influences.

The stories of some of the most original and active young composers of new acoustic and electronic music – Raminta Šerkšnytė, Arturas Bumšteinas and Žibuoklė Martinaitytė – are featured as well. The middle generation is represented by Loreta Narvilaitė, a rare phenomenon of sorts: teaching, administrative and organizational work doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for her successful creative activity.

On the performers’ side, the ones in the spotlight are the Chordos String Quartet, who were given a prominent place in the program of this year’s Jauna Muzika festival.