Authors - Biographies


Göran Bergendal,

musicologist, author of several books on contemporary Swedish and Icelandic music, former staff member of Swedish Radio and Rikskonserter, lives in Gnesta, Sweden.

Jurij Dobriakov,

independent journalist, lives in Vilnius.

Andreas Engström,

musicologist, journalist, editor of the Swedish journal for contemporary music, Nutida Musik, editor of World New Music Magazine, lives in Stockholm.

Rūta Gaidamavičiūtė,

musicologist, dissertation on rhythm in contemporary music, academy professor, author of several books on contemporary Lithuanian music, lives in Vilnius.

Vita Gruodytė,

musicologist, dissertation on music and space in 20th century music, works as freelance musicologist and journalist for print media and radio in Lithuania and France, lives in France.

Jūratė Katinaitė,

musicologist, journalist, music producer in Lithuanian radio, lives in Vilnius.

Donatas Katkus,

musicologist, academy professor,author of book on musical interpretation, musician (Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Prize, 1979 and 2001), co-founder and member of Vilnius String Quartet, founder, artistic director and conductor of St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, lives in Vilnius.

Vytautas Landsbergis,

musicologist, academy professor, author of several books on Lithuanian music, musician, politician (member of the group which founded the Lithuanian Independence Movement 'Sąjūdis' and chairman of the 'Sąjūdis' Council, 1988-1990; president of the Constitutional Assembly of the Republic of Lithuania - Head of State, 1990-1992; president of Parliament, 1996-2000; chairman of the Fatherland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives), 1993-2003), member of European Parliament (since 2004).

Constantine A. Lignos,

composer, member of the Greek Composers Union, editor of its official magazine Music Polytonon, lives in Athens.

John McLachlan,

composer, Executive Director of the Association of Irish Composers, member of Aosdána, Ireland’s state-sponsored academy for creative artists.

Šarūnas Nakas,

composer (Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Prize, 2007), musician, journalist, editor in print media and radio, founder and artistic director of Vilnius New Music Ensemble, artistic director of Gaida festival (1997) and Music ficta festival (1996), lives in Vilnius.

Loreta Narvilaitė,

composer, director of Klaipėda Concert Hall, artistic director of Kopa festival (1994–1999) and Permainų Muzika festival (since 2005), lives in Klaipėda.

Reinhard Oehlschlägel,

musicologist and journalist, music producer in Deutschlandfunk Köln, co-founder of Kölner
Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, co-editor of MusikTexte – Zeitschrift für neue Musik, editor of World New Music Magazine (1991–2005), co-editor of Edition MusikTexte (since 1993), lives in Köln.

Asta Pakarklytė,

musicologist, journalist, editor in National Philharmonic, lives in Vilnius.

Linas Paulauskis,

musicologist, journalist, composer, director of Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre (since 2007), lives in Vilnius.

Rūta Stanevičiūtė (Goštautienė),

musicologist, academy lecturer, editor of several collections on 20th century Lithuanian music, chair of the Musicological section at the Lithuanian Composers’ Union (since 2005), chair of the ISCM Lithuanian section (since 2003), lives in Vilnius.

Petra Stegmann,

freelance art historian, curator, co-editor of several books, curator of the international exhibition project Fluxus East. Fluxus Networks in Central Eastern Europe, lives in Potsdam.

Mindaugas Urbaitis,

composer, journalist, academy professor, editor in radio, chair of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union (1991–1996), artistic director of Gaida festival (1992–1995), lives in Vilnius.