No. 15 | October 2007–March 2008

The 15th issue of the publication, further expanding into the field of extramusical concerns in Lithuanian music, takes a sociological look at what it means to be a composer in today’s Lithuania. Representatives of different generations have their own answers, which may differ radically at times. The theme article by Vita Gruodytė provides an overview of their attitudes and perceptions, simultaneously comparing and contrasting the current picture with the composers’ situation during the Soviet times.

Another text featured in the fresh issue aims to find out if Lithuanian music does its job well as an industry. The recent several years saw a definite progress in the way that the country’s music industry is presented on the international level, yet did the industry professionals themselves notice that change? The article by Jurij Dobriakov dedicated to the prospects of Lithuanian music industry questions their willingness and readiness to start thinking strategically and implementing far-reaching visions. In addition, it presents some successful examples that are already there and may become catalysts for further evolution.

As always, the publication features the latest news from the composers’ front. The latter seem to become increasingly visible and respected on the global new music arena. Some, like Onutė Narbutaitė, are featured at anniversary events like the 50th Warsaw Autumn, the music of others (Justė Janulytė and Rytis Mažulis) is performed abroad by some of the most forward-thinking collectives like UK’s Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Apartment House. Still others, like sonic adventurers Artūras Bumšteinas and Antanas Jasenka, reach as far as the other side of the Atlantic.

To top it all off, the 15th issue overviews the Lithuanian and international events where Lithuanian composers and musicologists play a prominent part, presents a detailed profile of the international collective – The Disobedient Ensemble, and showcases the recent additions to the Lithuanian soundscape.