No. 13 | October 2006–March 2007

The new, 13th issue of "Lithuanian Music Link" further explores the territories of new music in Lithuania. This time the publication dedicates long-needed attention to Lithuanian experimental electronic music and sound art scene - a phenomenon that still awaits its proper documentation and critical evaluation so far, although it manifests itself fairly actively in the practical domain already. A general overview of the scene and its diverse members is the theme of the issue. It also includes a preview of the interdisciplinary dance performance "Time Line" by one of the pioneering electronic composers Vytautas V. Jurgutis that will see its premiere at the Gaida Festival. Besides texts related to electronic music, the current issue traditionally features articles dedicated to prominent Lithuanian composers and their new works: Onutė Narbutaitė, Arvydas Malcys and Faustas Latėnas, among others. Forthcoming definitive new music events are addressed as well, including the ISCM World Music Days 2008 to be held in Vilnius.