No. 10 | April–September 2005

The 'Lithuanian Music Link', published twice a year by the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre in on-line and off-line version, was launched in 2000 to become the first English-language periodical in Lithuania to provide extensive coverage of the entire field of Lithuanian professional music, including its prominent figures, exciting initiatives by national and international performers and concert organizers, recent developments in the local music industry, and much more. During its five years in existence, the "Lithuanian Music Link" has grown twice its original size, which enabled us to undertake much more in-depth topics, such as a short history of minimalism in Lithuania, theatrical elements in contemporary Lithuanian music and the icons of Lithuanian sound within contemporary context. It also came to include some regular rubrics presenting the Lithuanian classics and major events, foremost performers committed to dissemination of Lithuanian contemporary repertoire, recently printed editions and CD releases.

In five years the "Lithuanian Music Link" has published nearly a hundred of specially written features, in more than 70 of which presenting the profiles on 36 most distinguished Lithuanian composers, their most exciting artistic ideas and achievements of recent time. The articles published by the "Lithuanian Music Link" seek to reflect the intensity of contemporary music life both in Lithuania and abroad, and are sometimes included in other national and international journals (such as Šarūnas Nakas' article on Lithuanian minimalism which was included in the issue No.14 of the "World New Music Magazine" in 2004).