EVENTS. Arvydas Malcys' Music Performed from Saratov to New York

Arvydas Malcys, who has been playing cello in the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra for more than two decades, is probably the sole artist who is both an active performer and a prolific composer in Lithuania. His music is characterised by a special kind of communicativeness: restrained approach, melodious simplicity, and expression are the features that make the performers and listeners appreciate his works so much. Thanks to his long-term direct contact with the orchestra, the composer has mastered the skill of revealing and using the potential of the instruments, thus Malcys' orchestra has a striking and colourful sound. It is not accidental that the musician likes to compose for symphony orchestra, and numerous performances of his works testify to their considerable success. Orchestral works by Malcys have been performed by various orchestras from Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Norway, and Finland; the musician collaborates with Lithuanian and international conductors – Mstislav Rostropovich, Misha Rachlevskyi (Russia), Alan Buribajev (Germany), Olari Elts (Estonia), Andris Nelsons (Latvia), Petar Ivanovich (Serbia), Andrej Petrač (Slovenia), and Per Christian Arnesen (Norway).

This autumn will see an unprecedented number of concerts featuring the composer's works, their locations extending from Vilnius to Saratov and New York. Among the most significant events will be the two concerts given by the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra (Russia) at the Carnegie Hall in New York. The composer got acquainted with this ensemble in July 2006, when his miniature In memoriam for string orchestra (1998) won the special prize instituted by the orchestra's artistic director Misha Rachlevsky at the international composers' competition 'Dedication to Mozart' in Moscow. In addition, Malcys was commissioned to compose a new piece for the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra to be premiered in 2007 in New York. This year, on October 28, the same orchestra will perform his Peak Hour for string orchestra (1998), and on November 20 – one of the orchestra's favourites, In memoriam, at the Carnegie Hall. Both works have already found their permanent place in the repertoire of the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra.

The climax of this concert season for Malcys should be the portrait concert that is scheduled for February 24, 2007 at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall. It will feature not only the renowned works, but also the premieres of his new compositions.

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