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Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian programme of cultural days in the North Rhine-Westphalia breaks away from the formal stereotype of similar 'cultural days'. Dominated by 'young art', its programme includes various events which cross the boundaries of arts and styles. Exhibitions, film, literature, theatre, dance and music will link into a three-month kaleidoscopic cultural experience offering plentiful opportunities for the German public to get a better acquaintance with the three young Baltic States.

At the festival, Lithuanian music is represented through events targeting diverse audience. St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra will give four concerts in Dortmund, Münster and Köln. The orchestra will present several programmes with the soloists Florence Sitruk (harp) and Reinbert Evers (guitar), including two new commissions, Concerto for Harp and Strings (2006) by Osvaldas Balakauskas and the Mirage for guitar and strings (2006) by Anatolijus Šenderovas. In Münster and Köln, the Ciurlionis Quartet will present several programmes featuring Lithuanian composers.

On May 29-June 3, an exchange project "Musik unserer Zeit" ("Music of Our Times") with the involvement of five music academies (these of Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Wrocław and Münster) will take place at the Musikhoschule Münster as part of the festival's agenda.

Petras Vyšniauskas Group will participate at the International Jazz Festival "europhonics - fokus: baltikum" in Dortmund, also in Bielefeld and Köln with his programme "Modern Jazz up to Free Improvisation".

Lithuanian electronic scene will be represented by Dublicate, Partyzanai, VJs Rüt Rüt, and FusedMarc. The latter group has fascinated German organizers with their impressive live sets in the spirit of Portishead, Björk or Stereolab.

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