Kintai.Kitaip 2023

  • Aug. 10, 2023

We are delighted to present the second edition of the sound art project "Kintai.Kitaip," curated by Kintai Arts Residency and the Music Information Centre Lithuania. Each year, two guest sound artists take up residency in Kintai, where they develop in situ sound performances. These performances are later presented at events in Kintai and Vilnius.

In the first edition of "Kintai.Kitaip" sound artists Marija Rasa Kudabaitė and Audrius Šimkūnas explored the soundscape of Kintai through field recordings and various sound processing techniques. They captured sounds from extremely quiet places and amplified sounds inaudible to the human ear.

This year, the sonic research in Kintai continues with sound artists Kamilė Dambrauskaitė and Simonas Nekrošius. Both artists sculpt sounds using unconventional means of sound engineering, creating self-built sound objects often inspired by specific contexts. The residency is located near an abandoned summer camp for kids, "Vėtrungė," which has remained empty since the 90s. The camp's canteen has become the focal point for the residents. Its acoustics, atmosphere, and the found objects inside have become the main ingredients for the performances that will be presented in two events:

☆ 17th of August, 20:00, at the canteen of “Vėtrungė” summer camp in Kintai

☆ 22nd of August, 19:00, at Composer’s House in Vilnius. Invited guest for this event: sound and interdisciplinary artist Sholto Dobie.


► Kamilė Dambrauskaitė
Sound artist based in Vilnius, known for her active involvement in the field of sound performances. Her work encompasses site-specific sound installations, improvised scenographies, and explorations within the ambient/experimental electronic, noise, and drone genres. In her performances, she goes beyond the sound itself, delving into the methods of sound extraction and emphasizing the synthesis of sound and image. Presently, Kamilė's output revolve around the production of self-made electronic and electroacoustic instruments, as well as the incorporation of field recordings and diverse experimental music collaborations.

► Simonas Nekrošius
Interdisciplinary artist from Vilnius, who specializes in sound art and constructing diy acoustic instruments and sound objects. His work is often associated with concepts of “readymade” and “diy”. He perceives creativity and art objects as a process hence reduces the importance of the finalized results in his projects. As a consequence, his work has a tendency to be indeterminate and transformative through time. Under the pseudonym of Kamkorder he documents alternative art events in the VHS format; he is also the housekeeper of Studium P.

► Sholto Dobie
He works with sound, music and performances as well as organising events and exhibitions. He uses loose structures and an array of sound-sources including home-made organs, hurdy gurdy and field recordings. His performances are personal and intuitive, often coming across as delicate, evocative, and absurd. In Vilnius, he co-organises concerts as part of Studium P, and recently curated a series of residencies at Sodas 2123, which hosted artists Antonina Nowacka, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Ahti & Ahti, Adam Christensen and The Ladies Club. He also organizes Proginė, a regular show on Radio Vilnius.

The entrance is free


Graphic design by Ugnė Balčiūnaitė
Organised by Kintai Arts and Music Information Centre Lithuania
Financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Klaipėda County Regional Council for Culture