EVENTS. Loreta Narvilaitė's Premiere at the Alexandre Paley Festival

Last year, while on tour in Lithuania, American pianist Alexandre Paley performed Loreta Narvilaitė's Black & White Sounds Getting Shorter for flute, viola and piano (2005). He was so charmed by the piece that he asked the composer into writing a new one for him. The poetically titled The Morning Twilight Suddenly Turned into a Sea of Cherry Blossoms for flute, clarinet, viola, cello and piano will be premiered on April 27, 2006, in Moulin d'Andé (France), at the 15th Festival Alexandre Paley et ses amis - 'dedicated' this year to piano. Piano therefore plays here the soloing role, with sparkling arpeggio passages transforming into the shimmering texture, with the drawn out lines of other instruments spreading like a slowly dispersing twilight. The composer attempts here to convey an atmosphere of the Japanese haiku, a line of which she has borrowed for the title of her composition.

Lithuanian Music Link No. 12