UAB Music

UAB Music is a stylish 11-piece combo from Kaunas who play like they've sold their souls to the God of funk, jazz and r'n'b. Initial incarnation of the band featured the talents of well-known singer/producer Linas Adomaitis and bass player Aurelijus Morlencas. Busy with their other duties, the guys considered it to be an experimental studio project, hence the limited success of debut album Nr.1 (2003). The group went inactive for next 1,5 years, with Linas forming a duet with female singer Simona (and taking part in Eurovision 2004) and Aurelijus joining popular band Inculto. Unexpectedly, Linas and Simona chose to revive UAB Music in 2006, recording a tribute to Stevie Wonder, touring clubs and jazz festivals. 2006 brought another covers project – a hiphop/funk tribute to the The Beatles.

Back in USSR

Back in USSR


In 2002 singer, composer and music producer Linas Adomaitis together with the bass performer Aurelijus Morlencas founded a project UAB Music.


"In this project music is composed and performed by musicians, who promote soul, pop-r&b, funk and jazz traditions. The crew often invites also jazz and rock musicians. Yesterday we played hard funk together with 17 groovers, maybe tomorrow only five of us are going to play soft rhythm'n'blues in acoustic atmosphere. Our music is free and we do not try to match any standard", said inspirers of the project. 


In 2003 was released debut album of UAB Music No.1 (deep house, latin). The same year Aurelijus Morlencas joined the band Inculto leaving the project UAB Music to his partner Linas Adomaitis.


Year 2004 was significant for UAB Music. Linas gathered a brand new and steady crew of musicians, which determined the new musical synthesis. Soon Simona Jakubėnaitė, the singer, joined UAB Music and the same year they recorded the album of Stevie Wonder's songs Inspired by Stevie Wonder (funk, pop-r&b, soul, jazz), which was presented at Kaunas Jazz festival.


In 2005 the band prepared several programs, which were presented at the festivals, night clubs, and other venues all around Lithuania.


In 2006 UAB Music prepared a program of The Beatles songs The Beatles (a) Live (funk, pop-r&b, hip-hop, soul, jazz), which give a sense of the current UAB Music sound. 


Linas Adomaitis – vocal, arrangement, producing;
Simona Jakubėnaitė – vocal;
Motiejus Bazaras – keyboard, arrangement;
Mykolas Bazaras – bass;
Aleksandras Dunis - acoustic and electric guitar;
Ąžuolas Paulauskas – drums;
Mantas Augustaitis – percussion, drums;
Gedas Augustaitis – percussion, drums;
Liutauras Janušaitis – saxophones, keyboard, arrangement;
Valdas Kamarauskas – trombone;
Arūnas Kuzminskas – trumpet.


Special guests:

Hokshila – vocal, percussion;
KrisDaGong – vocal;
Tanoka Beard – vocal;
Daiva Starinskaitė (Saulės kliošas) – vocal;
Giedrė (Milky Lasers) – vocal;
Violeta Riaubiškytė – vocal;
Julija (Kauno Bigbendas) – saxophone;
Dalius Buitvydas – trumpet;
Vitoldas Lesniak – acoustic and electric guitar;
Aurelijus Morlencas (Inculto) – bass;
Aurimas Rimeikis Trockis (A.I.R.) – trumpet;
Alvydas Mačiulskas (Saulės kliošas) – saxophones;
Vytis Vainilaitis – percussion.



Tel.: +370 698 44749