Bekešo vilkai

Bekešo Vilkai (The Wolves of Bekesh) is what you get when talented kids that have grown up in an extremely inspiring environment – Vilnius’ Užupis district, sometimes called the Lithuanian Montmartre – get together and give this inspiration a musical form. Užupis is a place that you can walk far and wide and still be unable to find the source of its charm. Perhaps it is hidden in the secret corners and behind the walls of obscure artist studios – just the right places for a band like Bekešo Vilkai to rehearse in. There is something subtly bohemian in their youthful blend of jazz, funk and rock, making it a perfect soundtrack for an evening in a cozy café frequented by young artists and live music lovers, where the musicians are closest to the listeners. Yet Bekešo Vilkai do not avoid larger audiences as well –they came third in the important EuroRock contest in 2007, took part in the Qashqai Urban Playground contest in 2008, and finally found their music receiving airplay in the summer of the same year.

Jurij Dobriakov

Funkas aktų salėje (DJ version)

Funkas aktų salėje (DJ version) music and lyrics: Jievaras Jasinskis


Džiuginta Jasinskytė

Tel.: +370 655 81788