In albedo

In albedo are three young, creative musicians whose paths crossed in 2013: singer, keyboardist, composer and songwriter Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė, drummer Rokas Beliukevičius, guitarist Justinas Žilys, and bassist Tadas Žukauskas. The musicians describe their style range as Jazz, Trip Hop, Reggae, Drum‘n‘Bass, Psychedelic, Dub, World, Free Jazz, Fusion and Progressive rock. The band permorfed at “VOLT 2011” festival in Hungary, Lithuanian festivals “Granatos Live”, “Vilnius Jazz 2013”, “Šiauliai Jazz”, cnntemporary classical music festival “Druskomanija”, German festivals “Platzhirsch Festival 2015”, “Platzhirsch Festival 2016”, “Muziek Biennale 2016” and many others local and international venues. In albedo took part in various jazz collaborations in Belarus and Germany. The band gave masterclasses abroad and played improvisational music in a project with musicians from Germany, Holland and Myanmar. Indeed, the band's own explanation of their music reveals their more abstract inspirations: "Music for the band’s members is a certain alchemy and search for balance in an attempt to combine something that is not combinable, and separate something that is not separable. It is not accidentally that the musicians chose to call the group 'albedo', which denotes a phase of alchemic transformation and purification, while 'in albedo' means 'towards whiteness and light'."

In Albedo. The Mesh of Red Silk

In Albedo. The Mesh of Red Silk


Ieva Marija Baranauskaite is is a vocalist, pianist, composer, manager and songwriter. In 2010, with the band Such’a’Trip she garnered first prize at Rebel Rock festival-competition. She has appeared in such international music festivals as „VOLT 2011“ (Hungary), „Vilnius Jazz 2013“ (Lithuania), „Visaginas Country 2013“ (Lithuania), „Granatos Live 2014” (Lithuania), „Šiauliai Jazz 2014” (Lithuania), „Platzhirsch Festival 2015” (Germany), „Sirenos Theater Festival 2015” (Lithuania), „Bliuzo Naktys 2016” (Lithuania), „Urban ’16 Art” (Lithuania), „Muziek Biennale 2016” (Germany) etc. As a musical theatre composer she successfully debuted in greek theatre director Cezaris Gražinis‘ performance Tamošius Bekepuris. In Dalia Tamulevičiūtė‘s festival of professional theatre the play won Best Interpretation of Lithuanian Classics and The Audience Choice awards in 2016. She was also participating in the project „Indian Classical Music Meets Jazz”, where she had the opportunity to work with the Indian master of tabla Hiren Chate. As a director and performer she appeared in the contemporary music project „L'innomable", performance was inspired by the novel of Samuel Beckett. In this project she was working with famous Lithuanian musicians and performers like Eugenijus Kanevičius, Arnas Mikalkėnas, Armantas Gečiauskas and Antanas Dombrovskij. Ieva works with the theatre „Cezario Grupe”. She is the leader of bands Such‘a‘Trip, esi, Jazz By Two. Currently, she is composing music for theater, writing songs, participating in many project as a composer, singer, performer, keyboardist and manager as well. She is collaborating with German manager-artist Rüdiger Eichholtz and takes active part in international and Lithuania’s musical life.

The guitarist Justinas Žilys plays in a pop-rock-jazz band Such‘a‘Trip, In albedo and Nepasivadinę (Unnamed). „In Albedo" Justinas had the opportunity to use guitar not only as a regular instrument, but also as a means to create various ambient and synthetic sounds. The guitarist worked with a Lithuanian jazz legend, composer, saxophonist and art leader Vladimir Čekasin.

The drummer Rokas Beliukevičius released five albums and performed his music in such festivals as „Mėnuo Juodaragis“, „Grainfield“, „Roko Naktys“, „Galapagai“, „Žagarės Vyšnių Festival“, „Granatos Live“, „Positivus“, „Õllesummer Festival“, „Devilstone“, „Orange Festival“, „Surfcamp“, „Rabarock“, „Heineken Opener“, etc. Rokas Beliukevičius three times was third and in 2010 he got second place in an international drum contest „Drum Day“. In 2011 he won Grand Prix in „Seven Festival“ in Poland. Currently the musician actively participates on many projects, and plays in bands Freaks on Floor.

Ieva Marija Baranauskaite


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