A New Compilation of Lithuanian Jazz for the International Jazz Day

  • April 30, 2020

To mark the International Jazz Day, a new collection of jazz music, titled Note Jazz from Lithuania 2020, has been released by the Music Information Centre Lithuania and the Lithuanian Jazz Federation. The well-balanced album includes the best fifteen Lithuanian jazz pieces composed in 2019 and 2020 to cater for different musical tastes and is now available, for free, through an online player at mic.lt.

The new release brings the new Lithuanian jazz to international audiences as the global pandemic has postponed the plans to present the compilation in spring, in the form of a compact disc, at some of the top international music industry fairs and meetings dedicated to music. The initial plan, however, is likely to be implemented after the quarantine has been lifted. The compact disc will include a booklet providing information on performers, jazz festivals held in Lithuania and related organisations.

To compile this album, five music professionals selected fifteen pieces from forty-six compositions submitted by jazz bands and individual performers. The jury included Julijus Grickevičius, the president of the Lithuanian Jazz Federation; Vytis Nivinskas, double-bass player and teacher; performer and composer Adas Gecevičius; music critic Vitalijus Gailius and Radvilė Buivydienė, project manager at the Music Information Centre Lithuania.

“Due to the pandemic, we have postponed to the next year the official launch of the album and its presentation at the international music fairs. The virus, however, was unable to alter the music in any way, so it represents the joint efforts of the two organisations through what may be seen as a family photograph of the Lithuanian jazz and improvisational music,” Julijus Grickevičius said.

The fresh compilation features music performed by double-bassist Aurelijus Užameckis; singers Viktorija Gečytė and Viktorija Pilatovič; trio of Dalius Naujokaitis-Naujas, Jonathon Haffner and Adas Gecevičius; duo of Dmitrij Golovanov and Jan Maksimowicz; Andrej Polevikov trio with Girmantė Vaitkutė; the Birthday Septet by Leonardas Pilkauskas with Rūta Gricajevaitė; Liudas Mockūnas with Agustí Fernández, a pianist from Spain; Mindaugas Stumbras trio with Mindaugas Vadoklis; as well as Brave Noises, Katarsis4, CinAmono, Quark Effect, Reinless, and The Schwings Band.

The album, which offers a broad insight into the remarkably dynamic space of Lithuanian jazz, has been financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable ride on the Lithuanian jazz roller-coaster.