Music by Lithuanian Composers Now Available on Bandcamp

  • Aug. 9, 2019

Music Information Centre Lithuania has uploaded its most outstanding albums on Bandcamp in order to bring the diversity of Lithuanian art music to an international audience and to make the country’s new music more easily available worldwide. The first fifteen releases include music albums by individual Lithuanian composers, as well as curated compilations representing both the extreme experiments of art music and the innovations of contemporary classical music.

Music Information Centre Lithuania has released more than 100 albums of Lithuanian music and has been involved in almost 40 coproductions with international labels. MICL’s debut on Bandcamp, however, is aimed at offering 15 albums which reveal the newest or most significant releases of Lithuanian art music.

Currently MICL’s discography on Bandcamp comprises the most internationally acclaimed Lithuanian composers of recent years, including Onutė Narbutaitė, Raminta Šerkšnytė, Justė Janulytė, Egidija Medekšaitė, and Žibuoklė Martinaitytė – all of whom had at least one album of their music released by MICL.

MICL’s debut collection also includes conceptual albums of music by George Maciunas and Antanas Rekašius recorded by the British experimental ensemble Apartment House. In addition to that, MICL offers two curated compilations, dedicated to the listening practices of Lithuanian artists and the sonic ideas of young Lithuanian composers living abroad.

MICL’s first fifteen albums on Bandcamp also includes its first split LP of Lithuanian experimental electronic music. Side one features music by the Twentytwentyone Quartet (Arturas Bumšteinas, Antanas Dombrovskj, Lina Lapelytė, and Vilius Šiaulys); side two - compositions be the DIISSC Orchestra (Martynas Bialobžeskis, Antanas Jasenka, Vytautas V. Jurgutis, and Jonas Jurkūnas).

Synaesthesis, another creative ensemble to be found on MICL’s page on Bandcamp, is currently the most striking contemporary music group and the busiest performer of new music in Lithuania. They are represented by Another Point of View, their debut album.

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