Lithuanian Music Catalogues

In 2002 Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre started publishing catalogues of Lithuanian music. The series commenced with two catalogues compiled and published the by the end of last year: Lithuanian Music for Strings and Lithuanian Music for Wind Instruments. The third catalogue Lithuanian Music for Piano appeared in March 2003.

The main purpose of this edition is to collect and present data on works by Lithuanian composers and to provide the user with an information regarding the location and availability of the scores and commercially released recordings of works. This is the first attempt to systematize not only scores published by different publishing companies, but also unpublished manuscripts as well as performance-ready full scores and parts.

Works in the catalogues are classified by instrumental groups, and further listed by composer. The catalogues, published in Lithuanian and English, abound in musical excerpts, providing an additional information on the style of a specific composer.

Featuring broad repertoire of Lithuanian works for string, wind instruments and piano, they are aimed at the audience of professional musicians - performers, educators, concert programmers, and musicologists – who search for a new and interesting repertoire.