New releases of the LMIPC

St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra
Onutė Narbutaitė Sinfonia col triangolo (1996) / Teisutis Makačinas Pacem relinquo vobis (1998) / Raminta Šerkšnytė De profundis (1998) / Vidmantas Bartulis I Like F. Schubert (1998)
Conductor Donatas Katkus

Lithuanian New Music Year 1998
Gintaras Sodeika Tone Ontology No. 2 for piano duo (1998) / Nomeda Valančiūtė Fragment from the Hospital Park for string quartet (1998) / Bronius Kutavičius Erotics for voice, recorder and horn (1997) / Onutė Narbutaitė Winterserenade for flute, violin, and viola (1997) / Algirdas Martinaitis Death and the Maiden for string quartet (1998) / Mindaugas Urbaitis Schlußstück for mezzo-soprano, trombone and percussion solo, vibraphone and string quartet (1998)

Rytis Mažulis: Talita cumi
Salomé Haller (voice), Axel Hemprich (sound recording)


One might be inclined to compare Talita cumi to clouds of incense, to the harsh smell of withering plants, to a faint swooning. Gently intoxicating music, arising out of, and leading one to nowhere. Earlier fashionable parallels between Mažulis' music and that of Renaissance polyphonists aren't worth much here (and not only here). This is music from a totally different space, time, feeling, and aspiration. (...) Precise geometric processes of emerging, expanding, and vanishing quantities of sound, obvious to the eye and barely accessible to the ear. (...) The exceptionally slow tempo becomes as if a magnifying glass, permitting at least the tiniest overture into that world of strange beauty. The resounding texture stretches like a rippling mirage, drowning its listeners on all sides (a truly rare case in Lithuania of Dolby Surround recording).

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