An exciting undertaking

In 1995, Lithuanian composers joined forces to create a Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre, devoted to the dissemination of contemporary music. Throughout our brief five year history, we have cherished an ambition to establish a versatile system of information on Lithuanian music along the lines of music information centres in more than 40 countries around the world. Today the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre takes on an exciting new tour, with the publication of Lithuanian Music Link, the first English-language periodical devoted to Lithuanian music.

Our aim is to provide extensive information ranging over the entire field of Lithuanian professional music, something which no other newsletter or trade publication has undertaken. We intend to create an environment responsive to fundamental inquiries about our music, and reflecting the distinctive identity of our music culture. The climate vis-à-vis contemporary music in Northern Europe is often described as especially vivid and fruitful. We would endeavour to substantiate this notion in a more concrete form, i.e. by presenting you with information about the prominent figures in Lithuanian music, exciting initiatives by performers and festival organizers, developments in the music industry, and much more. Can we formulate a more refined perception of our music culture? Draw the attention of music professionals? Aid in promoting new Lithuanian music creations and performances? These are the questions we ask of ourselves; our intent is to reply in the affirmative, by doing our utmost to connect you to Lithuanian music.

© Daiva Parulskienė

Lithuanian Music Link No. 1