The Breezebloxxx

The Breezebloxxx’ rapid rise in 2008 demonstrated that one doesn’t have to be of a legal drinking age and come from a metropolitan city to become a dance music star. Two seventeen-year-olds from Klaipėda, a relatively quiet seaside town, were dedicated enough to just keep on working on their high-speed electro rock music, inspired by the likes of Gary Numan, Electric Light Orchestra, Röyksopp, Rage Against The Machine, The Prodigy, Queens Of The Stone Age, and got spotted by the hip Pravda magazine and its readers – perhaps much to their own surprise. The Breezebloxxx’ first big live appearance at the magazine’s newcomers’ awards night made it clear that there was something fairly exciting awaiting these guys. They will have to work hard to do justice to the trust that’s been put in them, and, knowing their enthusiasm and commitment to doing their own thing no matter what, one can be sure they are going to make it.

Jurij Dobriakov

The Breezebloxxx feat. migloko◦. Automatic Legs Break Loose

The Breezebloxxx feat. migloko◦. Automatic Legs Break Loose