Mantas Jankavičius is a charismatic, diverse pop singer, equally at ease performing dancefloor-oriented tracks, performing the main role in arena-sized production of a popular Lithuanian musical or staging big scale Frank Sinatra tribute gigs with an orchestra. He first came into prominence in 1999 – becoming a member of boy band La Vita which came to a split after releasing just one album. New ventures followed – including taking part in pan-Baltic TV talent competition Fizz Superstar, studying trombone at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, winning two major dance and singing competitions hosted by Lithuania's public TV channel, collaborating with well-known Estonian producers and performing extravagant Robbie Williams and Queen tribute shows. 2007's debut solo album Gyvenam kartą (We Live Once) got positive reviews and 2009 brought another milestone in the shape of Čiuožki (Skate), a mega hit accompanied by an innovative music video and dance routine which became a bit of a viral phenomenon (an English version was recorded as well). Second solo album was “...” delivered in 2010, showcasing the singer's diversity yet again – with songs ranging from jazzy pop to electronic music. More surprises followed – with Mantas landing the main role in new cinema production of Tadas Blinda (Lithuanian version of Robin Hood) and winning the competition for official anthem of European Basketball Championship 2011 (held in Lithuania) with Krepšinio himnas (Basketball Anthem), a joint effort with well-known singers Marijus Mikutavičius and Mia.

Ką manai...

Ką manai... music & lyrics: Mantas Jankavičius