Make It Real Project

When you hear a description ‘the first trip hop band from Lithuania’, some natural suspicions arise. Another copy of Portishead? Far from it. In fact, if any act can sum up a contagious creative fever giving birth to new, exciting sounds in the underground recording studios and clubs of Vilnius, this innovative six-piece from Vilnius does it perfectly. A somewhat surreal mix of rock, experimental music, nu jazz, trip hop and drum‘n‘bass, this is a sound that defies categorization. Add a dry sense of humour and you‘ll get a vague idea of what Make It Real Project is all about. Formed as a extra-curricular project by like-minded students, it mutated into full-on music act just because the internet audience was so excited by the first tracks, the demands for live performances were too loud to ignore. From gentle to aggressive, from live instruments to laptop wizardry,  songs like Cold or Eilutės (featuring a well-known Lithuanian performance artist Benas Šarka) showcase inspiring maturity and depth of ideas. The fans and the critics take notice – Make It Real Project won Breakthrough of the Year in 2009 Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards ceremony. Music is just one element, to fully appreciate this band check their videos or, better still, catch them in a live setting, where this collective‘s musical vision is augmented by efforts of numerous sound engineers, photographers and video artists.


Building Music / lyrics: Domas Strupinskas

Eilutės (feat. Benas Šarka)

Eilutės (feat. Benas Šarka) Music / lyrics: Domas Strupinskas


Cold Music / lyrics: Domas Strupinskas

Blue Walls

Blue Walls Music: Make It Real Project; Lyrics: Domas Strupinskas