Kondencuotas Pienas

Kondencuotas Pienas (Condensed Milk in English, or Spotless, this young producer’s alternate moniker) sounds like a vision of an ideal summer. Indeed, whether it’s a steady yet subtle atmospheric beat-driven track or an elegant piece of intelligent jazzy electronica with airy vocals, the common denominator between Kondencuotas Pienas’ diverse productions is the gentle, laidback cinematic sound that evokes summer’s lazy evenings by the lake and refreshing nights in the downtown. If it’s summer outside indeed, this music will be a perfect soundtrack to its pleasures and adventures; otherwise, it will definitely bring back your best memories of the past ones and will make you wait for the coming one all the more.

Jurij Dobriakov

Kondencuotas Pienas ft Mill So Pure

Kondencuotas Pienas ft Mill So Pure music: Mantvydas Baranauskas; lyrics: Kamilė Tumelytė