Lithuanian Jazz Trio

Lithuanian Jazz Trio includes prominent and colourful personalities of the Lithuanian jazz scene – saxophonist and keyboard player Vytautas Labutis, bass player Leonid Shinkarenko and drummer Arvydas Jofė. For almost two decades these Lithuanian jazz idols, besides other projects, have been playing shoulder to shoulder. In their programs they reveal themselves not only as excellent performers, but also as inimitable composers, arrangers and generators of ideas. In the music of the Lithuanian Jazz Trio, the unique colourful features of the three creative personalities merge into harmonious and inseparable unity. This blend of styles is tolerant and witty. It includes wild emotions as well as serene meditation, illustrative moments as well as conceptual approach.

Jūratė Kučinskaitė


to be continued... - Don't Care

to be continued... - Don't Care