Saulius Petreikis The Unit 7 Allstars Lowlands

Saulius Petreikis

Saulius Petreikis The Unit 7 Allstars  Lowlands
Year of publication: 2014
Record company: Saulės muzika
Record company contacts: [email protected]
Duration: 44′55″
Media: CD

World Music of Celtic, Lithuanian, Persian and Armenian origin

All tracks composed by Saulius Petreikis ©2014 except the “Werewolf” by Michael Hurley ©1964 Bicycle Music Co.

Saulius Petreikis - trumpet, duduk, silver flute, whistles, scottish flute, birbynė, skudučiai, kanklės, daudytės, lumzdelis, wood trumpets, bass  & piccolo bansuri, Persian ney,  bawu,  zurna, French horn, goathorn, conch  + vocal.
Al Price - moothie
Tadas Dešukas - violin, viola + vocal
Rick Taylor - keyboards, trombone, percussion + vocal
Derek Urquhart - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar + vocal
Graham Rodger - electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin + vocal
Huey Dowling - bass, acoustic guitar + vocal
Kevin Jess - dobro, banjo + vocal
Nerijus Bakula - accordion
Neda Malūnavičiūtė - vocal on “Lowland”
Hamidreza Rahbaralam - Persian vocal on “Duende”
Mohammad Rasouli - Persian ney on “Duende”
Rytis Girskas - sitar on “Duende”
Anatolij Lomonosov - tampura on “Duende”
Gediminas Žilys - kanklės on “Lowland”
Rasa Serra - vocals on “Ei, Vaka” and “Vaka in the World”
The Virvytė Folk Ensemble - vocals “Ei, Vaka” and “Vaka in the World”
The Plateliai Music School Choir - vocals on “Ei, Vaka” and “Vaka in the World”
Laima and Ieva Paulauskaitės - vocals on “Vaka in the World”
Euan Innes - vocal on “Vaka in the World”
Vytis Vainilaitis - percussion on “Lowland” and  “Ei, Vaka”


  1. Lowlands 03′33″



  2. Breaking The Ice 03′22″

  3. Ei, Vaka 02′30″

  4. Duduk 05′16″



  5. Silver Flowe / Dowe Spout 03′45″

  6. Grey Man o‘ The Merrick 04′20″

  7. The Werewolf Song 04′30″

  8. Glenamour 03′41″

  9. Duende 05′12″

  10. Land o‘ The Leal 03′39″

  11. Vaka In The World 05′07″