I Talked with the Wind


I Talked with the Wind
Year of publication: 2012
Record company: Dangus
Record company contacts: Dangus c/o Ugnius Liogė PO Box 3058 LT-01010 Vilnius, Lithuania ugnius@dangus.net www.dangus.net
Duration: 47′37″
Media: CD

Elena Trečiokaitė - vocal, violin, percussion, idea of the song (4);
Gintarė Daunoravičiūtė - vocal, violin;
Kęstutis Peseckas - coustic guitar, jaw-harp, idea of the song (9)
and harmonization (1,6,9);
Tuoms Norvilas - bass;
Simonas Ingelevičius - bagpipe, drum, vocal;
Dovilė Kričinskaitė - vocal, percussion;
Vidas Andziulis - acoustic guitar;
Deima Eitmontaitė - vocal;
Dovilė Salytė - vocal;
Audrius Giedraitis - acoustic guitar;
Vitalija Lunarijan - vocal;

Donatas Bielkauskas - keyboards, lumzdelis, arrangement of authentic
melodies (2,3,5,7,8,10)


Music: folkl, arrang. (1,4,6,9) by Gyvata;
Lyrics: Lithuanian folk


  1. Hey Grows, It Grows

  2. On a Springtime Day


    On a Springtime Day

  3. Oh Murmur and Hum

  4. An Orphan Girl Walks

  5. A Dance

  6. Six Sisters

  7. Oh My Dear One

  8. So Fled a Little Bird

  9. I Have Herded the Pale Bulls

  10. Oh Grows, It Grows