Saulius Spindi

Saulius Labanauskas is a curious musician, who has an urge to experiment by connecting electronic and folk sounds. In 2011 he started his solo project under the name “Saulius Spindi”. Since then Saulius realeased 3 albums. The latest album called “Vai tu Girala” attracted music critics’ and listener’s attention by its uniqueness. Influenced by legendary Southeast Lithuania’s folk singer, storyteller, preserver of folklore heritage and shaman – Petras Zalanskas (1900 – 1980), Saulius went for an extraordinary experiment. Mr. Zalanskas provided ethnography researchers with 300 songs and 150 fairytales and legends, along with around 50 pieces of other spoken folk art. TV movies were made about the legendary man, while he was still alive, and a book was recently published to commemorate his person and his heritage. Saulius collected those records for his album giving them a new and unusual form.

Saulius is also a co-founder of gothic metal band “Saprophytes" and vocalist of new wave band “Fashion games”.