Rokas Kašėta

Rokas Kašėta is a multi-instrumentalist, instrument maker, and a pioneer of dzūkodelika – a genre of contemporary music in the Dzūkian dialect (native to Dzūkija, Southern Lithuania). In this genre, dialect singing, inspired by Dzūkian folk songs, local culture and nature, takes on a brand new, modern form. Rokas’ creative goal is to bridge the Dzūkian dialect with modern forms of musical expression, to breathe new life into its cultural expression and allow it to evolve rather than remain fossilised in the past. Dzūkodelika (the same name as Rokas’ latest album) weaves folklore together with reggae, rap, bossanova and other genres. The vocals are supported by various instruments: guitar, gimbri, rubab and “Moondrum”, among others.