Agota Zdanavičiūtė

Agota Zdanavičūtė connection with music began developing from Lithuanian folklore back in her childhood. It was then when she first encountered the zither and its music. However, Agota later discovered the zither in a new way and in 2006 dove into its magic. She started her music career performing Lithuanian songs and later songs from other countries with the group Sen Svaja and the folklore project Laiminguo and is still an active member of them both. The musician leads individual zither lessons as well as zither group circles where brand new Lithuanian folk compositions  and multipart songs are brought to life. Agota started her solo career in the spring of 2017. The compositions of zither music are interwoven with the motifs of Lithuanian folk and multipart songs, and bring one to the depths of the world of fairy tales. Agota believes that playing the zither is like wandering in an enchanted forest listening to the smallest sounds and music that it hides. Open up, you will hear.