Think of the sound of NIM as the host of angels in Gustave Dore’s illustrations for Dante’s Paradise – radiant and terrifying at once, spinning in a whirlpool of celestial light.


This is electronic music that far transcends its material origin and becomes an ethereal entity that belongs to no particular time. Its points of attraction are equally 21st century and Renaissance, science and mysticism, neoclassical and experimental, purity and imperfection, impenetrable depth and unbearable lightness, cosmic harmony and chthonic dissonance. These references define NIM, but not completely, as there is always room for something that escapes words. To date, the project has released a cassette album titled Flow my tears (2021) on the Lithuanian independent label Apport! and shared the stage with the renowned electronic composer Ben Frost at the 2022 Gaida contemporary music festival.

Edmundas Seilius