Migluma is an electronic music composer, producer and vocalist from Vilnius, Lithuania who combines ethereal soundscapes, choral harmonies, and elements of Lithuanian folklore in her compositions. Her style also draws influence from avant-pop and contemporary rave culture. She utilizes her three-octave vocal range to create unique sounds through vocal manipulation and processing techniques.


Her debut EP NEBULA is a journey through the universe and human experience. The album explores experimentation, vocal manipulation, and layering. Inspired by Iceland's natural beauty and the era of the Anthropocene, NEBULA reflects Migluma's perception of the universe, from the vastness of space to the current era. The album immerses the listener in a captivating, otherworldly sound experience, characterized by its cinematic, experimental, and ethereal vibe. Each track delves deeper into the intricacies of the universe, inviting contemplation of its laws and the relationship between creator and environment. NEBULA is a boundary-pushing work that challenges the listener to see the world in a new light.

More about Migluma: https://linktr.ee/migluma