Hedda Gamma

Hedda Gamma - electronic music solo project by Vilnius-born, Netherlands-based composer, producer and sound artist Gabija Gaigalaitė.


She combines various styles, such as post-minimalism, IDM, avant-pop and experimental music. Voice and its playfulness, followed by incorporation of electroacoustic elements, takes a significant part in her music language, as much as mosaic use of field recordings, mostly collected while living in Vilnius and The Hague. Her debut album "Digital Poems" (LP) was self-released on 2023. Its cinematographic, existential and poetic nature vividly resonates with her experience working in the field of theatre music. Recently she is a part of the Vilnius-based "Transmutation Theatre" group, dedicated to the exploration between sound art and experimental theatre.

+31626801975 (NL)