Darius Žičkus

Composer, pianist and producer Darius Žičkus, previously known as Nazcaman, does not hide behind his past anymore. During his everyday life led by calmness and creativity, Darius weaves piano pieces into ambient genre and explores the perimeters of atmospheric music.



Darius seeks to soothe today's complex and noisy existence with simple methods and sonic rituals, reminding us of the charms and purity of details, often forgotten in the hectic pace of life. His piano miniatures are an invitation to concentrate on the drifting nature of one's existence: recorded soundscapes from various places are used in the compositions as mental echoes, reminiscent of a diary. Tranquil, yet greatly moving electronic sonic unity creates an intangible, Miyazaki-like world. Darius' works contribute to the Lithuanian ambient niche in a competent and sensitive manner, as well as quenches ambient music lovers' thirst for the antidote to a collapsing world. Behind the studio doors, Darius explores the subtle interplay between technology and people: he was one of the first Lithuanians to use an immersive sound system in a fully controlled environment during his concerts; Darius' music is sometimes presented as sound installations – time, space and accessibility to human ears do not necessarily limit the experience.