Bango Collective

Like other initiatives of the Vilnius-based artists/activists team Involved, Bango Collective is more than just a musical project. Utilising the vocal talent of Bango, a charismatic resident of the Roma (Gypsy) ghetto in Vilnius, and the production talent of Paulius Kilbauskas, Bango Collective creates an awareness of the cultural and social issues that Vilnius’ Roma population faces. This concern for social problems does not overshadow the music, however. The usual musical preferences of Paulius Kilbauskas (who is also a member of acclaimed projects Dublicate and Overtone) make their way to the sound of Bango Collective, turning it into dubby ragga-hop with a good dose of ‘exotic’ Eastern European touches. This curious mixture makes the music of Bango Collective sound like nothing else. 

Jurij Dobriakov

Me Nahalyj Sym I Napiji (I'm Cold and Hungry)

Me Nahalyj Sym I Napiji (I'm Cold and Hungry) music: Paulius Kilbauskas (Pablik); lyrics: Bango

Amende Ande Bar

Amende Ande Bar music: Paulius Kilbauskas, lyrics: Bango