Talita cumi

Rytis Mažulis

Talita cumi
Year of publication: 1999
Record company: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Record company contacts: A. Mickevičiaus 29, 08117 Vilnius, Lithuania; www.mic.lt, [email protected]
Duration: 48′25″
Price: 10.00 €
Media: CD

Rytis Mažulis' music can be perceived as the formation of abstract structures in time and space, which seems to permit to overstep the boundaries of music. Despite associations of this music with the microtonal systems of sound, computer techniques or idiom of minimalist music, they practically do not disclose its essence. Rytis Mažulis' musical mentality is not as close to a repetitive character of the sutartines (ancient polyphonic Lithuanian folk songs) but to a complex canon technique exploited by the Renaissance Franco-Flemish polyphonists. His technique is also related to the constructive principles of serial music. The resourcefulness of his musical material together with it's sound structures should not be separated from the idea of work, which is particularly rational in all his compositions.





  1. Talita cumi 48′25″


    Talita cumi