Dedicated To

Aho, Narbutaitė, Salmenhaara, Rautavaara, Vasks

Dedicated To
Year of publication: 2017
Record company: Alba Records
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Duration: 61′19″
Media: CD

Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, conductor Juha Kangas


  1. Kalevi Aho. ...frozen are the restless waters 08′56″

  2. Onutė Narbutaitė. Was there a butterfly? 17′56″


    Onutė Narbutaitė. Was there a butterfly?

  3. Erkki Salmenhaara. Elegia II for two string quartets 08′43″

  4. Erkki Salmnhaara. Elegia V for string orchestra 03′41″

  5. Einojuhani Rautavaara. Into the heart of light 11′43″

  6. Pēteris Vasks. Musica serena 10′14″