The Year of Fugue

Juozas Gruodis

The Year of Fugue
Instrumentation: organ
Year of publication: 2012
Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Publisher contacts: A. Mickevičiaus 29, 08117 Vilnius, Lithuania;,
Score: 163 p.
Price: 8.00 €

Fugues for organ




  1. THE YEAR OF FUGUE. A series of 24 fugues for organ. Spring Book. Fugue in C major

  2. Fugue in C minor

  3. Fugue in C-sharp major

  4. Fugue in C-sharp minor

  5. Fugue in D major

  6. Fugue in D minor

  7. Summer Book. Fugue in E-flat major

    On the themes of Lithuanian folk songs “Oh, you swagger lad” and “What makes you sad, sister”

  8. Fugue in E-flat minor

  9. Fugue in E major

    On a theme of “O du lieber Augustin”

  10. Fugue in E minor

    On a theme of Russian folk song “Vo pole beriozka stoyala”

  11. Fugue in F major

  12. Fugue in F minor

  13. Autumn Book. Fugue in F-sharp major

  14. Fugue in F-sharp minor

  15. Fugue in G major

  16. Fugue in G minor

  17. Fugue in A-flat major

    On a theme of Lithuanian folk song
    “What makes you sad, sister”

  18. Fugue in G-sharp minor

  19. Winter Book. Fugue in A major

  20. Fugue-chorale in A minor

  21. Fugue in B-flat major

  22. Fugue in B-flat minor

  23. Fugue in B major

  24. Fugue in B minor

  25. EIGHT FUGUES. Fugue in G minor

  26. Fugue in A minor

  27. Fugue in G minor

  28. Fugue in G minor

  29. Fugue in E major

  30. Fugue in E minor

  31. Fugue in A minor

  32. Triple fugue in G minor

Juozas Gruodis - The Year of Fugue (2012)Physical8.00 €