Cloud of the Snow: Piano Pieces and Ensembles

Kristina Vasiliauskaitė

Year of publication: 2010
Publisher: Kristina Vasiliauskaitė
Score: 61 p.


  1. Ten Piano Pieces for Children

    1. Tick-Tack Around the Yard
    2. The Teddy Bear
    3. I Was Feeding My Horse
    4. It Is Thundering
    5. The Wolf Was Sowing Buckweat
    6. My Father Shot a Jay
    7. The Bunny
    8. A Sad Little Song
    9. A Lively Little Song
    10. The Feast of Beasts

  2. Suite for Piano "Three Small Windmills"

    1. A Windmill
    2. A Sad Windmill
    3. A Joyfull Windmill of little Bears

  3. Four Lithuanian Folksongs for Piano for Four Hands

    1. Oh, They Are Fast Flying
    2. Zer-Zer a Windmill
    3. Oh, Rye-Rye You Are Winter Crops
    4. On the Hill Rye Is Growing

  4. Tricks of the Rain

  5. Six Pieces for Piano by R. Skučaitė Poems

    1. Colt
    2. Evening in the Forest
    3. Sad Little Song of the Rain
    4. Joyful Little Song of the Rain
    5. Clowd of the Snow
    6. The Bee Is Returning Home

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