In the Evenings

Įvairūs autoriai

Instrumentation: guitar
Year of publication: 2020
Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Publisher contacts: A. Mickevičiaus 29, 08117 Vilnius, Lithuania;,
Score: 21 p.
Price: 10.00 €

Classical guitar pieces for beginner and intermediate player

Compiler and editor Chris Ruebens



  1. Jievaras Jasinskis. Kea

    Duet of student and teacher

  2. Jonas Tamulionis. As Sakura Petals Fall

  3. Jonas Jurkūnas. Study No. 1

    Duet of student and teacher

  4. Beata Juchnevič. I'm Watching Wind-torn Moonlight Through the Window Every Evening

  5. Jonas Jurkūnas. Study No. 2 (Growing and Shrinking Canon)

    Duet of student and teacher

  6. Jonas Tamulionis. Archaic Dance

  7. Rita Mačiliūnaitė. Elegy for Autumn Leaves

  8. Rita Mačiliūnaitė. Wheel

  9. Jievaras Jasinskis. Slow Motion