Antanas Rekašius


Year of composition: 1971
Duration: 13′
Instrumentation: vn solo-3333-4331-perc-hrp-str

1. Allegro
2. Allgretto (attacca)
3. Presto

Released recordings:
LP Antanas Rekašius. Symphonic Music (Soviet Lithuanian Composers Series), Melodiya C10-18593-4, 1983
LP Verra Records 101, 1985
CD Lithuanian Music in Context I. Lessons of the Avant-garde. - Vilnius, Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre LMIPCCD065-066, 2011

Metaphony for violin and symphony orchestra is considered the first mature composition by Antanas Rekašius. This maturity by no means refers to some academic entrapment. On the contrary, it disclosed many features that grew to define Rekašius’ creative output at large: a multitude of instrumental colors, forceful dynamic breakers and the theatrical gestures of the orchestra, all roughly fixed in an aleatoric score. Despite resembling a congruous architectural structure, the score allows for an unrestrained display of the soloist’s virtuosity, and grants freedom to the conductor and the orchestra (imprecise melodic shifts, loose meter, wide tone clusters, etc.)

Linas Paulauskis