Eduardas Balsys

Dramatic Frescoes

Year of composition: 1965
Duration: 25′
Instrumentation: vn solo-pf solo-2121-4431-perc-str

Published scores:
Leningrad: Muzyka, 1967
Leningrad: Muzyka, 1971 (piano reduction)

Released recordings:
LP Eduardas Balsys. Dramatinės freskos / Saulę nešantis. – Melodiya С 30-04835-36, 1974
CD Dramatic Frescoes. – Vilnius: Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre LMIPCCD 023, 2003

In 1963, when Eduardas Balsys began writing “Dramatic Frescoes”, the world was once again on the brink of war. It is these experiences that produced this, one of the most tragic Lithuanian symphonic works. Balsys writes a monumental piece brimming with expression and tragedy, and for the first time in his work uses twelve-tone technique. 5 complete, yet simultaneously integrally connected episodes-frescoes merge into one huge tapestry: a blend of traces of symphony, concerto, and poem.

Ona Narbutienė