Balakauskas Osvaldas


Year of composition: 1967
Duration: 03′
Instrumentation: pf

Vilnius: Vaga, 1969
Sonatos fortepijonui. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1990
LP Mel C10-13003
CD Birutė Vainiūnaitė. Piano. - Vilnius Recording Studio VSCD-070, 2000
CD Andrius Vasiliauskas, 2007
CD Lithuanian Music in Context I. Lessons of the Avant-garde. - Vilnius, Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre LMIPCCD065-066, 2011

The Piano Sonata is written using serial technique. It preserves the traditional sonata structure (exposition, development, recapitulation), only the unity of form is established not with the tonal foundation, but with some other determinants, such as the consistency of intervallic and rhythmic structures. The dynamics of the form is expressed through the changes in texture, articulation, register and timbre.

Osvaldas Balakauskas