#4 Drop in and Drop out with Music of Justė Janulytė

This episode explores the music and creative process of Justė Janulytė. Her award-winning music is an inner journey and recognizable by long, slow expositions, gradual enrichment of textures as if being transported to a completely different time and place. These dimensions emerge from nowhere until you immersed in a special atmosphere while you experience an equally surprising disappearance. This virtual conversation between New York City and Milan, we discuss her many perspectives on the creative process and cultural identity.

Podcast intro: Bronius Kutavičius Anno cum tettigonia from  (Music Information Centre Lithuania, 2011), Silesian String Quartet: Marek Moś (violin), Arkadiusz Kubica (violin), Łukasz Syrnicki (viola), Piotr Janosik (cello). Compositions by Justė Janulytė: Apnea (2021), Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor - Olari Elts, 2021; Now I’m Nowhere (2019), Estonian National Male Choir (RAM), conductor - Mikk Üleoja, 2019; The Colour of Water from the album Between Music and Ritual (Music Information Centre Lithuania, 2021), Sinfonietta Riga, Arvydas Kazlauskas - saxophone, conductor - Normunds Šnē; Unanime (2020), Manuel Zurria - bass flutes, 2020; Here at the quiet limit... (2018), Estonian National Male Choir and Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, conductor - Mikk Üleoja, 2018.