Jeronimas Milius

A weird twist of fate – after struggling to gain mainstream recognition as a metal singer, Jeronimas Milius finally won the attention due to pop extravaganza called Eurovision. Strong voice and charisma put him through Lithuanian national Eurovision selection of 2008 – no mean feat for a singer who's name was more or less uknown in showbiz circles beforehand. However, those who followed Jeronimas career since he became the lead singer of Soul Brothers in 2003 know for sure – performing in Eurovision is a bit strange for him. Having taken singing lessons from Lithuanian rock stars Česlovas Gabalis and Povilas Meškėla, Jeronimas and his band experimented with funk rock before settling for traditional heavy metal. Successful performances in local clubs and festivals followed, however in 2007 Soul Brothers went on an indefinite hiatus. It all changed due to huge publicity brought by Jeronimas' victory in Eurovision selection. In April 2008, the band changed their name to Soul Stealer and finally released their self-titled album. Featuring ten slices of uncompromising heavy metal, it's quite different from Jeronimas' Eurovision rock ballad ‘Nomads In The Night’. ‘Playing foreign metal festivals and, sooner or later, huge stadiums’ is how this distinctive singer describes his ambitions.