Alice Way

“I just love to create. Whatever it may be: songs, lyrics, poetry, novels, a character on stage or on screen”, Alice Way says. It seems that this young red-haired lady is destined for music, although she also studied philosophy and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her immersed in other creative endeavours as well. She started doing demos and taking part in singers’ competitions three years ago. Quite quickly she managed to create a small online buzz – both with her self-released Wonderlust EP, a featured vocalist spot with well-known Lithuanian rappers and cosy gigs. It all went to another level in 2014, when her voice caught the ears of Leon Somov – a well-known producer and a half of Leon Somov & Jazzu, one of Lithuania’s biggest acts. “She’s got a huge potential. The moment I heard the voice, I was hooked”, Leon admits. Together, they create pop music that’s sensual, elegant and melancholic, with a subtle electronic backdrop complementing Alice’s voice perfectly. The full-length album is in the making while we speak.